Saturday, April 27, 2019

June 7th-9th, 2019 Painting Creation Workshop

Every year we head out to enjoy the mountains, the water, the trees, surrounding Shrine Mont. It is magical. It is inspiring. Orkney Springs was originally a place that people went to take the waters from the seven springs that fed the area. There is an enormous old hotel, the Virginia House built in 1873 where meals are still served, where there is a lobby one can sit and look at the work of the artist and illustrator John Douglas Woodward, uncle to the original founder. 

Come join us and explore the natural world through painting at this year’s Painting Creation Workshop at Shrine Mont in Orkney Springs, Virginia. Do not worry if you are rusty or have never painted out doors, this workshop is not about perfection; it is about seeing creation, the earth, hearing nature's voice. Choosing oil or watercolor paint, you’ll join students at all levels painting "en plein aire" (painting outdoors) in the beautiful mountains surrounding historic Shrine Mont. Students will start with the basics and work through the process of creating a painting. Each day we focus on a different aspect of nature: reflections in water, skies, distance, or gardens. We travel to areas around Shrine Mont either on foot or by car with each day taking you to a new location. With each local, we review different approaches to different subject matter. Sharing with each other is encouraged and the workshop is designed to inspire. Meals and board are provided. We welcome everyone. To sign up: