Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Join us for our Painting Workshop June 9th-11th, 2023!

“I prefer every time a picture composed and painted outdoors. The thing is done without your knowing it.” Winslow Homer

I hope you all have been continuing to paint! We would love to see you return to Shrine Mont and join us for the Painting Creation Weekend this June 9th through the 11th in Orkney Springs, Virginia. There are new spots to paint, new things to see, and new people to meet. There is fresh air and delicious food. There is peace and inspiration. We would love to see you!

     Choosing oil or watercolor, you’ll join students at all levels painting "en plein aire" (painting outdoors) in the beautiful mountains surrounding Shrine Mont. Students will start with the basics and work through the process of creating a painting. It begins with an introduction to the workshop, to each other, and a review of painting materials and general techniques. Each day we focus on a different aspect of nature: skies, distance, reflections in water, or gardens. Each day will take you to a new painting spot. We travel to areas around Shrine Mont either on foot or by car. With each locale, we review different approaches to different subject matter. Sharing with each other is encouraged and the workshop is designed to inspire. It does help if you have some drawing experience and a rudimentary knowledge of your chosen paints.

     Shrine Mont is a place where you can cultivate creative energy, commune with fellow artists and with nature, rest, exercise in the fresh mountain air and eat nourishing food. Shrine Mont is located in Orkney Springs, Virginia just 2 hours from the Washington DC area at the foot of Great North Mountain.